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How to Have Your Junk Car Towed Away

Arranging for your junk car to be towed away is a sensible method of removing an eyesore from your property while recycling unused metal and preserving the environment. Following are the steps you should take when you want a professional auto wrecker towing company to tow your junk car.

Determine if the Car IJunk

Is the car completely inoperable? When the cost to repair the vehicle exceeds its value, it is considered totaled, meaning it is not worth the money it would cost to repair itIf the engine does not run, the model year is outdated or the frame is rusted out, the car is a probable candidate for a junkyard. If it is still drivable, consider donating it to charity.

Get in Touch with a Junkyard

Call a selection of local junkyards to check prices and policies. In some cases, the auto wrecking yard may pay more if the car is partially dismantled. The junkyard may require the vehicle owner remove the tires before delivery. If the vehicle is a make and model in demand, they may pay more for individual parts than you may expect, so be ready to explain which parts are still functional on the car. You will also need to ask what documents are required for the company to accept the junk vehicle.

Gather the Necessary Paperwork

Normally, if you are wrecking an inoperable vehicle, it’s not an issue if you do not have the keys on handHowever, you will need the registration if your state requires itIf it is not registered, the state may require a title transfer for legal junking. If you cannot locate a copy of the vehicle title, visit your local registry of motor vehicles and put in an application for a replacement. If you are not the legal owner, you must obtain official notarized permission from the owner before legal junking can take place. If the title still has a lien, obtain verification from the lienholder before junking the car to pay off the total.

Contact a Local Towing Company

When it is finally time to transport the car, call an area towing company with experience towing junk cars quickly. If you live in a municipality that provides free junk towing, you may be able to take advantage of the city’s contract and utilize free towing, the only caveat being the other parties would claim all profits from the junked car. After the towing company brings the vehicle to the junkyard, remove the license plates and bring them to the motor vehicle registry to complete the necessary paperwork.

Towing a junk car is no problem for the experienced towing professionals at Stauffer’s Towing. Contact them today for more information on towing a junk car.